Do you need help to find the answers within you?

Person on the beach

Are you questioning yourself?

It could be that you are worrying or overthinking situations:

  • How a relationship has ended.
  • How you fit into a crowd socially.

Maybe you are saying to yourself that you don’t fit in or that you’re not feeling confident enough to be who you really want to be.

Are you telling yourself, “I can manage, it’s not my fault. I’m just over thinking, I can work this out myself” ?

Are you feeling sad or numb or finding it difficult to complete daily tasks?

Is it difficult to do the things that you need to do? With the tasks that you do, do you never feel good enough? Do you find you go to bed at night and find that your mind starts working overtime with your thoughts going round in your head. Perhaps you are worrying about things that happened in the past or even in your childhood.

You might be feeling numb or you may be struggling to work out what your emotions are–how you are feeling at all. You may have aches and pains or feel exhausted from stress.

Taking that first step to seek help

It can be hard taking that first step, to ask for help. You have tried to talk to a friend, but they don’t understand how you’re feeling or why you still feel the way you do after a few months. You may think that no-one understands me. No one can help me.

Maybe you have googled self-help sites or read books, possibly even ones I have read in or after my training, but you still feel stuck, isolated, Not good enough, It’s my fault, I feel ashamed, or guilty.

Would you like to believe in yourself, stop those negative thoughts, have more confidence in yourself? Find the real you tucked away inside. Help you to identify why you feel stuck.

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